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From A Dream To Reality

Welcome to our online casino and sportsbook review site. Here we invite you to learn how to find the best casinos to play in. This about us’ is to tell you why we choose to do this. Like a lot of people, we had a dream of what we would like to do when not occupied earning a daily living. 

We did as folk do, chatting about this and that, and our dreams. It turns out all we had a similar one. We all wanted to design a friendly, user-centric casino review site. One that asked questions and found answers. Well, between us we had the experience of the industry from all angles! Not just as players but workers within this ever-growing evolving industry. Long story short, we decided to go for our dream. The onlinecasinobet.vip is the result.

Who Is The ‘We’?

Now you all know about the social aspects of online casinos, especially the live-action. No? believe me, It’s great! We are a group of dreamers who had the good fortune to meet. Actually, we met at an online live casino, playing on of our favourite games, French Roulette La Partage. Never played? You should its exciting and with roulette you get to try out different bets and different strategies.

That there is one of the reasons I am writing this. Between us, we had a lot of information on casinos, games, sports and betting. As a group, we not only had a lot of online player experience, together we had the skills to make our dream become reality. Our journalistic, management, research and communication skills alongside our gaming experiences would work for us in producing a site that addressed questions on online casinos and sportsbooks. Questions you may not even know you want to answer until you read them.


About us

Answering The Questions

All casino games come with an RTP, Return To Player. One of the stricter online casino licences, the UKGC,  United Kingdom Gambling Commission) insists that RTPs must be 70% or over. An RTP is a percentage of the stakes returned to a player. Remember, this is a calculation of over one million plays. The RTP gives you a ballpark percentage that helps you select games with a better chance of winning.

Another acronym you should know is the RNG, Random Number Generator. This is what decides the wins. It is a complicated programme code using MD5, (Message-Digest cryptographic algorithm). Usually found secured on a bank-level 128-bit SSL encryption. This ensures the gameplay is fair and random.

Gaming should be first and foremost fun, but to ensure that great user-experience you need to know what to look for and how to evaluate online casinos

You need to know about the security of your personal and financial data. You need to know about casino licences, and how games are audited. What happens to your money. Why there are wagering requirements and what they entail. Why T&C’s are important to you getting your winnings. These and a lot more questions will be answered by our indepth, honest reviews.

We are not here to baffle you with bull, but to help you find a safe and enjoyable environment where you can enjoy a gaming experience bar none. 

That means knowing what casino games are on offer, who are the software providers? Is live casino where the best action is. What is RTP? Is it important to know?  That’s a yes by the way!

We want you to feel relaxed when you visit any casino platform, whether that be on mobile or tablet. Our aim is to put you at ease by providing you with information that facilitates informed choices. Discover online casinos you were not aware of and find new and more secure way to deposit and withdraw your money, play the games and above all have fun.

Let's Keep Gaming Fun

We have made a site that is user-centric, easy to manoeuvre and read. You can check us on any mobile device and find the answers you are looking for, We review new and classic games, with some hints and tips on how to play. Want to improve your Blackjack or Poker face? Check out our pages lowdown on gaming strategies for both beginners and advanced players.

Want to understand which casino is safe and which one isn’t? Check out the results of our research gathered by visiting the casino’s playing on them and exploring their benefits and disadvantages in a clear way. We play the games, test them out and bring that information back to you.

We are also here to advice when gaming stops being fun. Find out from us what options you have, what casinos will do to help you resolve any problems.

We are here for you -whether you are an experienced player or a newbie to the gaming industry. If we are not answering your questions or providing the right info, let us know. We can adapt and make the necessary changes to provide you with what you want, this is ongoing – evolving info, be a part of it!