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What’s the overwhelming thing about casino games? They have to be fun! Now, we all have our idea of what is a fun play. That can change! We may want fast, exhilarating play. Or something to past the time of day. Plus, everything in between.

At, we are here to ensure you can find the games you want to play at online casinos that you can safely play with your money. We will also let you know where you can try out a game for free.

What You Need To Know - Acronyms!

All casino games come with an RTP, Return To Player. One of the stricter online casino licences, the UKGC,  United Kingdom Gambling Commission) insists that RTPs must be 70% or over. An RTP is a percentage of the stakes returned to a player. Remember, this is a calculation of over one million plays. The RTP gives you a ballpark percentage that helps you select games with a better chance of winning.

Another acronym you should know is the RNG, Random Number Generator. This is what decides the wins. It is a complicated programme code using MD5, (Message-Digest cryptographic algorithm). Usually found secured on a bank-level 128-bit SSL encryption. This ensures the gameplay is fair and random.

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Slot Machines - From Classic to Modern Video Slots

The first casino games most people associate with online casinos are the slots. The Liberty Bell was the first slot machine back in 1895. Its inventor, Charles Fey, would be amazed at what he started and how they have developed.


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Classic Slots

Classic is a bit of misleading description, as not all classic slots are older slots! The original classic was a 3 x 3 grid with one payline and symbols that include the bar, bell, cherries and stars. The modern or retro slots are following on from the original design, incorporating many of the familiar symbols. But can also include bonuses, progressive play and a variety of themes. They often have from 1 to 5 paylines.

Video Slots

These are the slots with 5+ reels, that can appear as a regular grid or be an expanding grid, with numerous theme-related symbols. These also come with several bonus features. The genres that they incorporate is vast from science to magic. TV & film, cartoon or realistic imagery. These can be very interactive, and they can also be part of a progressive payout; like the $21 million payout, in 2018 on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot.

Don’t forget to read our casino reviews, full of information on what slots are available, from which software providers.

Table Games

Fancy some Poker or a bit of Caribbean Stud? What about trying your luck with Blackjack or Baccarat? Table games are where players go to learn the games, test out strategies and try their luck. Cards, roulette wheels and dice are among the casino games you can find online.

Some casinos have a range of well-known casino games, plus, some you may not be familiar with like Pai Gow, Sic Bo or craps. Roulette has several types, European, American, French learn all about them on our casino reviews and How to Play pages.


Live Casino Games

Heading to play a live casino game is a thrill in itself, the atmosphere, the social aspects and the anticipation. These games can not be played for free like a lot of the slots and table games, but the buy-in for the tables does not have to be costly.

Here you will find table games you are familiar with and variations you may not be. You can sit and play at a table or take a side bet while waiting to play. You can join in the Roulette Party for a fun time or get serious in the Poker rooms that some online casinos offer.

For a change of game but just as exciting you can try some of the newer casino games to appear. Like Live Monopoly, Live Dream Catcher, Football Studio and Deal or No Deal.

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Different Casino Games

Some online casinos are now introducing different games for you to play like Bingo and scratch cards, even some lottery games.

Keep in touch with us at and learn what is new and what is coming next in casino games.