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We all have a sense of what a Live casino should be, be that from visiting a land casino or seeing them in films. Sophisticated, fun, full of the elite dressed up to the nines! Technology and the onset of online casinos changed that. First came the online casinos, but it wasn’t enough; people wanted more. As the demand grew so did the tech to sustain it.mNow, you just don’t play a Live casino game; you experience it! 

Online Live Casino - Progression

Look at what we have now, 24/7 play 365 days a year! Following the popularity of the live Blackjack tables, live roulette tables quickly followed. It was an exciting time, as gamers discovered the thrill of playing with a live dealer in the comfort of their own homes. As more live games were added to the Live casino platforms, it became clearer that tech needed to match the demand. Streaming was slow, clarity was poor, and sometimes you got kicked out – just when you had a great hand!

Live casino generates a lot of excitement among players due to the real-time play brought about by the onset of video streaming. Streaming fast enough for Live casino to be played on your mobile devices. It also had a knock-on effect with more providers looking to provide new Live games – software providers invested in the ongoing development of live streaming.

Faux casinos were set up from which the Live casino could be streamed. Cameras were also introduced into several land casinos to add to the variety of venues for players. 

Online Live Casino - What Makes It Tick?

Nope, not a boring tech talk, just a little bit of info to give you some insight into the workings of these exciting gaming tables. The development of (OCR) – Optical Character Recognition tech is what allows us the real-time experience. OCR translates into data, every move the dealer makes. This data is transmitted instantly, providing you with a real experience.

Camera’s are another essential component of playing a Live game. Small, but powerful cameras are used to transmit all the data. For instance, a roulette wheel would generally have 3 cameras, one to stream, one for a bird’s eye view and the other picture to picture display.

Last bit of info on the tech, we introduce you to the GCU – the Game Control Unit. The GCU is responsible for encoding the video data broadcast during a live game. 

What Type of Games Can I Find?

That is what we are here for, to let you know what live play games an online casino has. Who are the providers and how many tables? We will let you know what the table limits and if there are any casino bonuses available for live play. Discover from us, the best tables for Live Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette, plus the newest variations.

Live casino games have exploded over the recent years. Not only will you find all the classics with their numerous variations, but also games not found in land casinos like Sic Bo. Red Tiger, Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live and more coming every day. There are also side games you can play while waiting for a table. Some games like Live Auto Roulette never stop! 

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At, we check out all the aspects of a Live online casino. Aspects that are important for players to know. New additions, buy-ins, by the way, these are much lower than in land-based casinos, at some you can play for as little as £1. We are your go-to resource to find the best Live gaming experience. Check out our online casino reviews for more in-depth details.